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What is Baldness?

Baldness is progressive, disorder of hair lossfrom scalp. It has hereditary cause. This is known as Androgenic baldness

Other reasons for hair loss includesdeficiency of hair nutritive elements like iron, cooper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, biotin, etc., longstanding dandruff, autoimmune disorders, radiation, chemo-therapeutic agents.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a procedure to replace the lost hair permanently. Micro and mini grafting is the latest and accepted method.Generally hairs of the back and side of the scalp-occipital hair are resistant to androgenic baldness. So the hair bearing skin from the back is taken in the strip form. This defect is stitched primarily and so no hairless scar is seen.From these strips of hair bearing scalp skin, follicles are dissected. These follicles may be 2-6 hair bearing. Such 500-1200 follicles are dissected under magnification, depending upon the density of hair growth and size of the donor strip. After defining the anterior hair line, the follicles are implanted 2 mm.apart. 1500-4000 hairs can be implanted.

How is it done?

This procedure is done under local anesthesia. Patient can go home on the same day. In very anxions patient sedition or a sleeping dose is given. Glucose drip is given occasionally. In rare case, patient may need overnight stay. Hair bearing skin strip is taken from back in prone position.After acquiring this hair bearing scalp skin is stitched together. This procedure is for Operation takes 6-8 hours.

When it should not be done?

There is no absolute contraindication but it should not bedone in rapid hair-fall phase, telogen effluvium, with chemo-therapy & in severe medical contraindication. It should not be done in immature person with unrealistic expectation.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Male & female bald scalp, post burn-traumatic scars,cleft lip scars, eyebrow, moustache, hair-less flap to cover lip, eyebrow.

How it is beneficial compared to alternative treatment?

No alternative treatment is as permanent, as promising & as natural. Other all alternative treatment require repeated sittings

What are the risks of hair transplantation?

After proper pre-operative medical check up, surgery is safe

Are transplanted hairs permanent?

Yes & hairs can be given in direction of your desire.

How can I get the best results?

To get the best results, hairs & scalp should under go pre-Operative treatment of:

  • 1) Any infection if present.
  • 2) Dandruff if present.
  • 3) Of nutritional deficits of various vitamins & minerals if present.
  • 4) SOS hormonal & minoxidil treatment

Post operatively same treatment should be continued.

Why there is a need for multiple treatments?

Multiple treatment are necessary in progressive baldness-if hair - fall still present, to replace the newly developed bald area. If fuller hair growth is expected

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, treatment is safe.

Is the treatment economical?

Yes, because:

  • 1) It is permanent treatment.
  • 2) No repeated weaving or wigs.
  • 3) Big psychological effect.
  • 4) No uncertainty.

What are other associate surgeries?

The other associate surgeries are:

  • 1) Tissue expansion.
  • 2) Scalp reduction
  • 3) Occasionally hair bearing skin flaps

Care & preparation before surgery?

  • 1) Adequate Hb gm%
  • 2) Evaluation of patient & medical check up.
  • 3) Balanced personality & realistic expectations are must.
  • 4) Shampoo the hair daily for prior 3 days.
  • 5) Treatment of dandruff, psoriasis.
  • 6) Medication preferably for 1 to 3 months.
  • 7) To stop tobacco/smoking/aspirin.
  • 8) Adequate breakfast before surgery.

What is care after surgery?

  • 1) Preferably indoor stay to avoid sweating, dust, smoke, rain, pollution, etc
  • 2) To apply ointment as prescribed
  • 3) Shower bath next day- non touch technique
  • 4) Anti-biotic,analgesic as prescribed.
  • 5) Some times edema in upper eyelids, resolves spontaneously.
  • 6) No combing for 1 month.
  • 7) No smoking/tobacco/aspirin.

When do we see hair growth?

We can see hair growth after 3 to 4 months. Hair starts growing which can reach maximum to 10 to 12 months. These transplanted hairs also under go Proportionate Growth cycle.

When 2nd next stagecan be done?

2nd next stage is required sometimes. It can be done after 4 to 6 months.

What is FUE?

Follicular Unit Extraction is technique where hair follicles may be one or two or four hair bearing are extracted individually from donor occipital area.here procedure of surgical removal of stripe with incision is not done.Thus linear scar is avoided.But multiple punctate punch scar are developing.This surgery has less downtime.

When FUE is not advisable?

This is not advisable in type four and beyond baldness and in developing baldness where further hair transplantation stages will be needed.Reason is entire donor occipital area is exhausted and future possibility of obtaining hair follicles no longer remain.

Where stripe and FUE method is indicated?

stripe method where possible multiple sittings are anticipated as in progressive baldness and in type four stage and beyond.
FUE in bitempoal or localised or static baldness.

Can hair can be taken from other areas of body?

Yes, from dark area of beard,chest,pubic area,extermities.

Do they grow normally?

Yes, with passage of time it adopts recepient area characteristic and growth.

When it is done?

It is done where occipital donor area is exhausted and lot bald area remain to be grafted