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The ear lobe is an important unit & wearing earrings is not only a fashion but also a custom.It is Common request in facial plastic surgery. Cleft or split in lobe due to wearing heavy dangling earrings is Common in Asians & Africans. In INDIA we routinely see woman with big ear lobule hole seeking it’s closure on permanent base. The increase in piercing brings more piercing related complications. Conventional Ear lobe repair is freshening the edge of split, oppose both sides & piercing after 6 weeks.

Relative Contra - indications are

  • 1. Kelloidal tendency
  • 2. Retrolobular infection. Fungal especially in diabetic
  • 3. High chances of recurrence causing aged lobe more fibrotic, distorted & weak.Sometimes they are irreparable further

Other method adopted by most of us is Pardue’s method where ingenious adjacent flap (of trimmed edge skin) which is rolled in apex of wedge defect, thus maintaining a tract lined with skin that permits further wearing of earrings. That maintains hole at it’s original place.

Every repeated surgery gives new hole at eccentric location which is equally prone to retear.

Since ear lobe has got no supportive tissue like bone, muscle, fascia & cartilage, gravity & aging maximally affect it. Repeated surgery leads to fibrosis, weakening, loss of volume - tissue of ear lobe.

Conchal cartilage graft sandwich between two ear lobe lamellae is useful technique apart from routine tore-calcitrant lobes.

This technique was developed to address this complications by incorporating a disc of conchal cartilage in ear lobe at time of repair. It is imperative to have intact antihelical strut to permit removal of conchal cartilage graft to prevent subsequent collapse. Strength of cartilage is also assesed.


  • • Strengthening of ear lobe with minimal chance of retear.
  • • Simultaneous repair & reperforation at original hole, so no waiting period.
  • • New hole is more aesthetic than eccentric hole

Complications– Conventional

  • • Small chance of cartilage resorption.

So this method is more promising for lifelong solution to the problem without any donor-site (from where conchal cartilage is harvested) complication.