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Dimple Cheek Creation

Dimple cheek goes with baby face, boost smile, improve appearance. It also goes as part of face decoration & smile designing.

Smile doesn't accentuate dimple but dimple accentuate the smile.

This procedure is to increase the perception of attractiveness & preferred in Asian & indo ethnic subgroup.

Anatomy - structural & functional

Dimple is visible indentation caused by underlying muscle.

  • -Genetically inherited
  • -Dominant trait


There 36 named muscles of facial expression of chin dimple. Smiling takes 12 muscles to act. Natural dimple is created due to double Bi-fid Zygomaticus major muscle, where origin's same but insertions are two, one above corner of mouth and another below corner of mouth. Muscle fibers are Short also.


Dimple or cleft of chin is due to Y shaped fissure on skin. Fissure is due to incomplete fusion of both halves of jaw embryologically. Dimple of Venus are back indentations just above sacro iliac joints.

EFFECT OF AGING Natural dimple or created dimple, both have presence of shortened muscles either naturally or by fibrosis, at young age. This Shortening is lost as age advances due to stretching of muscles. So dimple become shallow and merges with wrinkles. SINGLE STITCH METHOD At desired point, Straight needle is inserted from with in mouth by small punctured wound outside & from same site needle reinserted through muscle to puncture slit & tied. -Simple but unpredictable. -Likely hood of loosening of stitch.


Small incision inside cheek at proposed dimple site under local anesthesia or infra-orbital block. Dissection through muscle by hemostat. Some people prefer circular motion by knife blade up to under surface of skin. Removal of tissue or punch biopsy type muscle & skin pull when static permanent dimple desired or large size dimple is desired (Not Preferred & Advisable) Permanent stitch between under surface of skin & muscle is taken. It is important not to over tighten it because dimple at rest is not natural. Slightly lose stitch creates dimple at smile.


Post-operatively bruising is common. Inflammation can be there for few days. After procedure, skin flattens as earlier, when the internal scar heals, it comets the cheek muscles & skin by fibrosis also & creates dimple on smile.This period vary from few days to few weeks.


  • -Swelling
  • -Bruising
  • -Temporary weakness of cheek muscle
  • -Premature breakage or loosening of muscle with loss of Dimple
  • - Need repeat procedure.